Accounting Assignment代写 情景分析

Accounting Assignment代写 情景分析

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Accounting Assignment代写 情景分析

Scenario analysis is one of risk analysis method.It need to find out the effective factors and internal condition to make an assumption and prediction of the event.Then try to analysis and predict the future develpment and result of this event conditon.It is a qualitative method for analysis for the choice of  decision maker(Laxton, Ndiaye and Pesenti, 2006).Because of complexity of the scenario analysis,it is difficult to make an prediction of the future.Sometimes the future might affect by other accidents,so it sometimes cannot get a correct result of this analysis to the reality(Laxton, Ndiaye and Pesenti, 2006).
According to the scenario analysis,it shows that every variable of a “good” case need to be a little better than the base case.In the other way,every variable of “worse” case need to be a little worse than the base case (Arnold, 2005). So it try to set some date from it and make an assumption as follow:
As we know,it will not be accepted the project,if the best and worse result are negative.It will be accepted,if the best and worse result is positive (Monks and Minow, 2004).From the chart,it show that the comparison of the worse case and best case with base case.
With the slightly change data,it shows that the worst case NPV is negative,and the best case NPV  is positive.In another way,it always happen like that, so it is the normal result and doesn`t have any help.Above all,it does not show the useful result of this scenario analysis.