Arts Assignment代写:欧洲艺术爆炸

2017-03-17 01:14

这是进入前所未有的欧洲艺术爆炸的新思路,现代主义认为不同的融合,经常相互竞争的风格,这包括,Antoni Gaudi走进时,他开始让自己的名字在他的家乡加泰罗尼亚第十九世纪下半叶。最重要的是,高迪来自一个手册,在雷乌斯加泰罗尼亚建立的铜匠创意家庭,这使年轻的建筑师所需要的造型和设计大型的核心技能,艺术项目。Raymond Carr(2001:215)所指出的,“他[高迪]吸引了当地的工艺传统,尤其是铁制品。“这个加泰罗尼亚文化传统和手工劳动力的固有的技能组合密谋将高迪与必要的属性成为建筑师。此外,他们将(除了高迪的热爱自然和灵感,这提供了他的艺术),成为一个经常性的主题,在博览会的一些最优秀和最成熟的作品。建筑师的本能的理解两者的不同特性的材料,他用和自然形成的激发所有真正伟大的艺术作品构成[ 1 ]的结果,与当时的现代主义席卷欧洲大陆的普遍意义的同时,为一尊艺术生涯的开始原材料。

Arts Assignment代写:欧洲艺术爆炸

It was into the unprecedented European artistic explosion of new ideas which modernism heralded and the fusion of different, often competing styles which this entailed that Antoni Gaudi stepped into when he began to make a name for himself in his native Catalonia during the second half of the nineteenth century. Crucially, Gaudi came from a manual, creative family of coppersmiths established in Reus in Catalonia, which grounded the young architect in the core skills needed to sculpt and design large scale, artistic projects. As Raymond Carr (2001: 215) notes, “he [Gaudi] drew on local craft traditions, especially ironwork.” This combination of Catalan cultural tradition and the innate skills of the manual workforce conspired to bequeath Gaudi with the requisite attributes to become an architect. Moreover, they would (in addition to Gaudi’s fondness for nature and the inspiration that this provided for his art), become a recurring theme in the exposition of some of his finest and most mature pieces of work. The upshot of the architect’s instinctive understanding both of the different properties of the materials that he used and of the natural forms which inspire all truly great pieces of art constituted[1], in conjunction with the pervasive sense of modernism sweeping across the European continent at the time, the raw materials for the commencement of a glittering and revered artistic career.

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