2017-01-05 23:42

The product strategy for the Nestlé Ski Strawberry and Raspberry Flavor will be kept different. This is due to the fact that the primary concern during the launch will be to encourage trial for this purpose 100 mg packs will be introduced in the market. In addition, in order to reach the heavy users in the market, with the passage of time different pack sizes will be introduce in the market (Evans & Berman, 2005) that include 250 mg, 400 mg, 750 mg and 1 kg family packs. Nestlé Strawberry and Raspberry Flavor will be differentiated on the basis of its premium quality, health and nutrition benefits, 0% fats, and pleasant taste in the market. For the trial pack the prices of the product will be kept low in order to encourage customer's conversion towards the product (M.Wilson et al., 2006). The overall pricing strategy will be premium pricing strategy that will reinforce the core product strengths of premium quality and image that the product has been offering. The prices that the organization will charge should be 0.40 for 100 mg, 1.00 GBP for 250 mg, and 3 GBP for 1000 mg packs in the market. 

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