2017-05-05 01:51

As Cambodia is a developing country, the educational system in this country is not really good. However, now we are running some educational programs and projects in order to improve the educational system in our country. Among those programs, literacy programs is very important because even though the literacy rate of Cambodia is not quite low, many people in the countryside cannot reach the school, and most girls can't go to school because of their living conditions. Moreover, nowadays there are many literacy programs that are run in Cambodia by some NGOs and other organizations. Among those programs, I see one interesting program which is run recently by an organization. Khmer Literacy is a literacy program which is run by PEPY (Protect the Earth, Protect Yourself) Organization in 2006. According to the tests show that many students in Chanleas Dai school (Siem Reap province) still cannot read and write. In that school, there is a library which is built by an NGO for a long time ago, and that library is always close. Thus, Khmer Literacy has started in projects of opening that library and make it become is place with variety of resources which are useful for children's education in December 2006. After that, in 2007, they have a talk with the director of the school, and they agree with each other to incorporate library time with the study times, which each class has to spend two hour per week in the library. In September 2008, PEPY has trained thirty-two teachers, and they have created a Khmer Literacy Camp which brought together the trained teachers, students, faculty, and community members to focus on increasing literacy for a week. Moreover, PEPY have created many additional literacy classes for every student in English and Computer programs. To conclude, this program is very useful for Cambodian children to improve their knowledge. Moreover, it can increase the literacy rate in Cambodia. In my opinion, according the helps of many organizations, the educational system in Cambodia in the near future will be much better than it is nowadays.
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