2017-05-03 00:18

It is important to note that within the technologies experiences and outcomes, there is a difference between ICT skills and computer science skills. When addressing Games Based Learning as part of the curriculum, the Scottish Government defines computing as providing a deeper theoretical and practical approach to understanding how computers work. This prepares children and young people for the challenges of rapidly changing digital technologies and enables them to be prepared for more advanced specialized study and careers within computing science.Within the Livingstone and Hope Skills Review, they argue that there is an absence of computer programming in schools, which inevitably results in children not realizing the potential of the digital creative industries as future careers. They outline that the key skills and subject areas needed for games design are science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). However, only 15% of teachers believed that maths was the best subject for Games Development Education. It is argued that "there are too few opportunities for cross-curricular learning across STEM" (p.30).
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