Case Analysis 代写:高管薪酬

2016-12-30 16:37


贝克(1999)强调,作为企业组织周围的投机性交易增加随着时间的流逝,高管薪酬可能是转折点,确保公司治理。这是由于这样的事实,如果一个组织为其管理人员提供合理的补偿,他们将工作充满热情和承诺实现公司的长期目标,但如果情况是他们充分发挥其能量在实现公司的长期目标然而他们越来越低于他们的伴侣进入类似的组织,这种情况会导致对感觉,是没有办法生产的任何意思。Letza et al .,(2004)指出,这是最相关的公司治理的发病率。

Case Analysis 代写:高管薪酬

Although there are claims that the provision of executive compensation is a mean that ensure the proper governance of the corporate entities, however some of the theorists and empirical studies in the field have found negative relationship between the management's compensation and the incidence of the violation of the corporate governance. Leimsider, (2006) is of the opinion that this is due to the fact that the executive compensation may be regarded as a two way sword that not only ensure the accomplishment of corporate governance objective but may sometime also distort the corporate governance objective within an organization. Guttierez, (2003) has pointed out that different researchers have pointed out that the provision of competitive remuneration and aligning the compensation of the top management with the performance of the business organization is one of the dominant factors that have been resulting in the ever-mounting incidence of corporate governance. Such studies that have focused on the fact that essentially great and curse is incapable of satisfaction and in most of the cases increase money provision through the provision of incentives and bonuses are indulging the top official of business organizations to indulge in creative accounting where they hide the true business performance of their business organizations and portray misleading results that are portrayed in the financial statement just to magnify the personal well-being (Murphy, 2005).
Baker (1999) has stressed that as the speculative transactions surrounding the business organization are increasing with the passage of time, the executive compensation could be the turning point to ensure the corporate governance. This is due to the fact that if an organization provide fair compensation to its managerial staff they will work with full zeal and commitment to realize the firm's long-term goals, however if the case is that they are exerting their full energies in accomplishing the firm's long-term goals however what they are getting are below what their mates gets in comparable organization, such a situation will led towards feeling that are no way productive by any mean. Letza et al., (2004) has pointed out that this has been associated with most of the incidence of the corporate governance.