English Assignment代写:传统的图书馆

English Assignment代写:传统的图书馆

2017-02-23 12:51

传统的图书馆馆藏包括各种各样的有机材料,包括纸,布,动物皮和粘合剂。这种有机物质经历了一个持续的、不可避免的自然老化过程。孟买是马哈拉施特拉的首都和国家的经济之都。孟买是大都市。孟买地区的气候炎热潮湿。这种气氛有利于创造和生长细菌,蟑螂,书虫,白色蚂蚁,造成腐烂和破坏页的书籍。现在的地区,亚洲学会图书馆位于四周都是新建的摩天大楼。这是一个重要的商业领域,许多银行和办公室都在熙熙攘攘的车流中制造出大量的尘埃颗粒。这种气氛对传统和新书资源都是有害的。因此,我决定研究位于孟买这样的大都市的图书馆。 图书馆像基因一样工作。基因将人的性格从一代传给下一代。同样,图书馆通过阅读书籍和非书资料等资源,将信息或知识从一代传给下一代。节约阅读资源和图书馆是需要时间的。

English Assignment代写:传统的图书馆

Traditionally library collection contain a wide range of organic materials including paper, cloth, animal skins and adhesives. Such organic substances undergo a continual and inevitable natural ageing process. Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and economic capital of country. Mumbai is metropolitan city. The atmosphere of Mumbai region is hot and humid. Such atmosphere is favorable to create and grow germs, cockroaches, book worms, white-ants that causes decaying and damaging pages of the books. Now the area where Asiatic society library situated is surrounded by newly built skyscrapers. It is important business area with many banks and offices with hustle and bustle of traffic which creates full of dust particles. Such type of atmosphere is harmful to traditional as well as newly book resources. So, I decided to study the libraries which are situated in metropolitan city like Mumbai.

Libraries are worked like genes. Genes transfer the human characters from one generation to next generation. Likewise libraries transfer information or knowledge from one generation to next generation with the help of reading resources like books and non book materials. It’s a need of time to save the reading resources and libraries.
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