essay代写 有限理性

essay代写 有限理性

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"Limited rationality" is the principle of the modern decision-making theory. It is one of the important cornerstone, is also a major contribution to economics. Neoclassical economic theory assumes that the decision makers are "completely rational". It also thinks that decision makers tend to adopt the optimal strategy, maximum benefits with the minimum cost. In fact, this is can't do, should use the "administrator" assumption instead of "rational man" assumption. Because in real life there are rarely completely rational assumption precondition, people often require a certain degree of subjective judgment, and to make decisions (Rui Chen, Jingguo Wang, 2011). That is to say, personal or business decisions are to be carried out under the condition of limited rationality. Fully rational decision-maker to seek best course of action, and limited rationality lead to he sought to meet the requirements or satisfactory.
  • The incompleteness of information
Information can help us to choose alternatives to do absolutely reasonable, when options so you need to have the results of various alternatives may be full of knowledge, but in fact we often in this aspect of knowledge is only a part of and one-sided, it is hard to get a comprehensive knowledge about a particular thing, and sometimes get knowledge is false or wrong.
  • The difficulty of predicting
Because the result is in the future which hasn't happened yet, so we can't say when to evaluate their correct or not, the appreciation of the solution can only is the result of imagination and experience. Value judgment is not complete and unpredictable. This makes our forecast is only a hope for the future, actual situation how, exactly, we couldn't anticipate.
  • The difficulty of ending the feasibility
We can make scientific and reasonable "optimal solution" only on the basis of finding all solutions in the absolute rationality in the possibility of choice of all the alternatives, but no one can find all the candidates, especially for companies in some of the more complicated business decisions, noodles is very wide, involved in information, still far short of all the possible outcomes and approach are given.