HR Assignment代写:培训需求分析

HR Assignment代写:培训需求分析

2017-02-24 13:11

培训需求分析的目的是确定公司的绩效要求和所需的知识、技能和能力,以达到要求。培训顾问,与D、人力资源代表、E、客户服务经理和L、客户服务主管会面,确定培训需求。在最初的会议上,J正在进行初步的需求分析。他开始了解一个组织层面的部门,其中包括公司的战略和目标是什么,以及如何培训(如果有的话)已在过去处理。在制定这项培训计划时,将有几个关键部分是必须建立一个客户服务团队。 首先强调部门的使命和宗旨和培训。任务:应力与上层管理开始实施这一目标的所有人员包括一线人员之间形成了一种普遍的客户服务文化的重要性。在kymm快递的客户服务文化的框架包括了解客户需求;实施步骤为那些希望;使一线员工的培训、信息、授权、激励;并通过客户和员工的反馈机制,监控成功。通过全面的培训计划,通过积极友好的态度为所有客户和员工提供卓越的客户服务。这一计划重申kymm表示将为用户提供卓越。它概述了我们的责任与客户合作,以提高其提供的信息和服务的实用价值,以及改善用于分发这些分发机制。这个计划让kymm快递员工与客户积极互动的重要性,确定他们的需求,并将这些需求转化为方案的规划与实施。

HR Assignment代写:培训需求分析

The purpose of a training needs analysis is to identify performance requirements and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by the company to achieve the requirements. J, a training consultant, has a meeting with D, the Human Resource Representative, E, the Customer Service Manager and L, the Customer Service Supervisor to determine training needs. In the initial meeting, J, is conducting a preliminary needs analysis. He begins to understand a little more about the department on an organizational level which consists of, what the company’s strategy and goals are, and how training (if any) has been handled in the past. In building this training plan, there will be several key parts that are a must have when building a customer service team.

Begin by emphasizing the mission and purpose of the department and the training. MISSION: Stress the importance of creating a universal customer service culture by beginning with upper-level management and actualizing this goal among all staff including frontline personnel. The framework for the customer service culture at Kymm’s Express includes learning what the customers wants; implementing steps to provide for those wants; equipping frontline employees with training, information, empowerment, and motivation; and monitoring success through customer and employee feedback mechanisms. PURPOSE: To provide excellence in customer service through a positive and friendly attitude to all customers and employees through this comprehensive training plan. This plan reaffirms that Kymm’s Express will serve its customers with excellence. It outlines our responsibility to work with customers to improve the practical value of the information and services that it provides, as well as improving the delivery mechanisms used to distribute these. This plan reminds Kymm’s Express employees of the importance of interacting proactively with customers, identifying their needs, and integrating these needs into program planning and implementation.
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