奥克兰代写Assignment 组织行为方面

2017-01-04 11:26


In terms of organizational behavior it means that an employee who wishes to occupy top level position should develop and polish his or her creative skills consistently that will enable him or her to think differently regarding the possible solution to different problems in the organization's context (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007). If such an individual gets an organization where members of the organization are empowered to use the organization's resources for solving the organization's problems and accomplishing opportunities, the manager concerned may find his or her towards the top positions within the organization based on his or her creativity and innovativeness (Mullins, 2005). Most of the top performing organizations these days have been following such a strategy and as they enjoy high level of creativity and innovativeness, such organizations are not only in position to come up with products that are really innovative and have a dominant edge over the products offered by the rivals of the organization, but such organizations are also in position to devise a management system and procedure where the creativity and innovativeness is further flourished and the organization get the positive advantages of such creativity (Cook & Jackson, 2005).
An example of this could by Apple Inc that has been ruling the personal computer and smartphone market through their innovative offerings. Naturally, in terms of the decision making within the organization could be traced to the bounded rationality model where the organization has been fostering the heuristics and due to such heuristics the firm has been enjoying not only the market leadership in the personal computer and smartphone market but also Apple has a distinct and unique supply chain management system that distinguished the organization from its rivals in the market (Apple, 2010). By fostering heuristics across the firm, the organization has been encouraging solutions that are deemed different, although there could be situations where the members of the organization may commit some attribution errors, however as a conducive environment across the firm exist, employees learned from such mistakes and such attribution errors become a part of their overall experience that add in the future decision making (Ford & Fisher, 2006).

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