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计划经济战拿破仑躺在他的柏林和米兰法令(1806和1807)是一个伟大的交易更‑达到比任何以前的尝试。他试图关闭整个欧洲的英国商品,并在同一时间,通过切断所有物资饿死了[ 4 ] 这场旷日持久的和前所未有的与法国的战争是结婚一系列的政府法律,巩固贵族的困难性,特别是圈地行为,1760期发生在‑1830。这些法令的非法“拾遗”的做法(清除)从公共土地以及确保土地再分配倾斜了大量的贵族和富裕农民青睐。此外,谷物法(1815)把更多的穷人耕种土地的生产,具有的影响远远超出了国内经济的农业生产达到,如Richard Brown(1991:181)强调。“谷物法阻止食品价格膨胀使制成品国内市场扩大。”(5) 在这个悲观的早期‑工业背景下,济贫院成为处理困境的英国穷人的首选方法。维多利亚的济贫院的起源、狄更斯等臭名昭著,标志着从贫困救济前概念的分水岭;从第十八世纪末,工厂被视为一个矫正和教育作为一个无家可归的灾民和贫困的地方多物理。的目标,就像一个监狱,是为了教育和吓唬可怜的班,灌输恐惧的宗教和国家为了减少流浪人口数。当然,里面可能有自己的工厂,不再鲁莽的育种,刻意分开的家庭和性别、当代眼中最鄙视的政权一方面。


The planned economy war Napoleon lying in his Berlin and Milan laws (1806 and 1807) is a great deal more than any previous attempts to reach. He tried to shut down the whole of the British goods in Europe, and at the same time, by cutting off all supplies starved to death [4] This protracted war with France's hitherto unknown and is married to a series of laws of the government, strengthen the difficulty of nobility, especially the enclosure behavior, 1760 occurred in 1830. "These illegal supplements decree practices (clear) from the public land and ensure the land redistribution of nobility and inclined rich farmers favor. In addition, the grain Act (1815) puts more of the poor in the production of arable land, with an impact far beyond the domestic economy of agricultural production to achieve, such as Richard Brown (1991:181) stressed. "Grain law prevents food price inflation from expanding domestic market." (5) In this gloomy early industrial background, the workhouse has become the preferred method of dealing with the plight of the poor in britain. Vitoria workhouse origins, Dickens and other notorious repute, marked a watershed in relief before the concept from poverty; from the end of the eighteenth century, the factory is regarded as a correction and education as a homeless and impoverished local multi physics. The goal, like a prison, is to educate and scare poor classes, instill fear of religion and the state in order to reduce the number of homeless people. Of course, there may be their own factories, no longer reckless breeding, deliberately separate family and gender, the most despised in the eyes of contemporary political power on the one hand.

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