RMIT 代写:合同

2017-03-12 11:44

合同是很多人都面临着每一天,无论是在报纸是从报刊亭的商业合同与就业过程中处理购买,事实上,它已经表明,普通人遇到的25000个合同在其一生。[ 1 ]随着互联网的出现,网上零售业已经成为家常便饭。正因为如此,现在重要的是要探索如何与合同有关的法律影响,数以百万计的世界各地的人每天都依赖于互联网,购买各种商品和服务,但这些交易管理的方式是不明确的,它应该是。 本文将探讨如何,更重要的是,当合同是通过互联网形成。如果要约和承诺的法律不适用于在互联网上形成的合同,本文应探讨合同是如何形成的。正如已经提到的,合同是我们日常存在的一个基本组成部分,重要的是开始这篇文章的简要定义什么是合同。本文的主要部分将考虑要约和接受的概念,以及如何,如果在所有的,他们已经发展到适应互联网。可以肯定的是,国际立法机构将监测网上合同的形成情况,他们的输入应给予一些考虑与一般概述。通过使用教科书,期刊,文章和少量的互联网资源,本文将试图确定在什么时候合同通过互联网的存在和要约和接受的原则是否适用。

RMIT 代写:合同

Contracts are something that many people are confronted with every day, whether it be when a newspaper is purchased from a newsagent to commercial contracts dealt with in the course of employment, in fact it has been suggested that the average person comes across some 25000 contracts in their lifetime.[1] With the advent of the Internet, online retailing has become an everyday occurrence. Because of this, it is now important to explore how the law relating to contracts is affected; millions of people all over the world rely on the Internet on a daily basis, purchasing a variety of goods and services; yet the way these transactions are governed is not as clear as it ought to be.
This essay will seek to explore how, and more importantly, when a contract is formed via the Internet. If the law of offer and acceptance does not readily apply to contracts formed over the Internet, this essay shall seek to examine how contracts are formed. As has already been mentioned, contracts are a fundamental part of our daily existence and it is important to commence this piece with a brief definition of what constitutes a contract. The main part of this essay will consider the notions of offer and acceptance and how, if at all, they have evolved to accommodate the Internet. As it is certain that the international legislative bodies will have monitored the situation regarding the formation of online contracts, their input shall be given some consideration with a general overview given. By using textbooks, journals, articles and a small amount of Internet resources, this essay will attempt to ascertain at what point a contract comes into existence via the Internet and whether the principles of offer and acceptance do apply.

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