2016-12-25 14:06

情景规划是一个重要的战略管理工具,不仅有助于宏观经济规划师得到更充分的准备面对将来国家面临的挑战,但也让战略家工作获得不同的优势,可以使政府在特定的时间内完成目标(波特,2004)。情景规划是广泛使用的不同的公司当他们从事长期规划,基本上已经增量结果已经证明了它的重要性由于不同公司的竞争优势,成为情景规划的结果(O ' brien,2004)。情景规划是现在还广泛用于规划目的在政府层面上,尤其是当政府希望提高人民生活在特定的社会经济福利国家(Mietzner &瑞格尔,2005)。



Scenario planning is an important strategic management tool that not only help the macroeconomic planner to get better prepared to face the challenges confronted the country in the future, but also enable strategists to work on acquiring different strengths that could enable the government to accomplish the targets at particular period of time (Porter, 2004). Scenario planning is extensively used by different firms when they are engaged in long-term planning that essentially has incremental results for different firms that has proved its significance due to the competitive advantage that emerged as a result of scenario planning (O'Brien, 2004). The scenario planning is now also extensively used for planning purpose at governmental level, particularly when government wishes to boost the socio-economic well-being of the people living in particular country (Mietzner & Reger, 2005).
Realizing the significance of the scenario planning, efforts will be made in this paper to devise scenario planning for Argentina, which has been selected for the sake of this paper. The paper will first present the matters of interest that could lead towards successful scenario planning and once different factor regarding Argentina including its economic, demographic, social and cultural factors are presented in detail, efforts will be then made to present the scenarios that how such factors are most likely to behave at certain particular period of time. A choice of scenario will then be made based on the presented information that could boost the socio-economic well-being of the people living in the country and that could result in more prosperity and long-term socio-economic growth for the people living in Argentina.