惠灵顿 assignment 代写 时间的推移

2017-01-01 21:37


惠灵顿 assignment代写 时间的推移

With the passage of time, as the organization was participating in the international business activities and assuming the role of multinational company, the business model of M&S become much more complicated, where the rival of the organization started duplicating the firm's marketing and brand management strategy (Bizcovering, 2009). In such situations, the HR if appropriately used could have done miracles for the organization as it could have not only provided M&S with competitive advantage, the firm could have also sustained its core strengths by realigning them according to the changing market dynamics. However, again the firm failed to assign a key role in the strategic planning and implementation of the organization that in turn inflated the firm's problems. In addition, HR that plays a key role in firm's culture that provide an informal support to members of the organization when the organization is going through its hard time, however as the HR within the organization was sidelined, no effective culture was there that could have extended the needed support to the members of the organization that in turn could have boosted the morale and commitment of the members to accomplish M&S's mission (Aush, 2012).