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2017-01-22 11:46

The Upper West Region is located in the north-western part of Ghana and shares borders with the La Cote D’Ivoire to the north,-west, Burkina Faso to the north, Upper East to the East and the Northern Region to the south. The Wa Municipal Assembly was created out of the then Wa District in 2004 with legislative instrument (L1) 1800 in pursuant of the policy of decentralization started in 1988. The Assembly is empowered as the highest political and administrative body in the Municipality charged with the responsibility of facilitating the implementation of national policies. Under section 10 of the Local Government Act 1993 (Act 426), the Assembly exercises deliberative, legislative and executive functions in the District. By this act, the Assembly is responsible for the overall development of the Municipality. The Wa Municipality is therefore tone of the eleven administrative areas (District Assemblies) that make up the Upper West Region (UWR) of Ghana. The Municipality shares administrative boundaries with Nadowli District to the north, the Wa East District to the east and the Wa west district to the west. The Municipality lies between latitudes 9º50!N to 10º20!N and between longitudes 9º40! W and 10º15!W. It has an area of approximately 234.74 km2, about 6.4% of the area of Upper West Region. The implication of the location of the municipality for development is, enhancing bilateral trade and commerce with Franco phone countries. The Wa town has the potential to grow and be upgraded into both an industrial and commercial hub for the north-western corridor of Ghana. The Figure 1 (map) below shows the location of the Wa Municipality with some of the peri-urban communities that fall victim of the rapidly urbanizing process in the municipality.

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