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印度有贸易优势的原因或政策是通过出口商品和服务。不丹应该利用所有的工具出口和市场推广,包括外交、市场研究、市场信息、品牌、广告、产品发布会、展销会、博览会和贸易代表团协助私营部门建立自己的产品市场。国家品牌利用国家的积极属性应该是一个关键工具,利用创造品牌不丹出口市场。出口更多的商品和服务有助于国家创造更多的收入,这一收入和收入可以用于国家的发展和发展。大卫·李嘉图在第十九世纪的第一部分提出的比较优势理论表明,国家可以通过专门从事那些机会成本低于竞争对手的产业来提高产量.。通过从事国际贸易,国家可以出口那些最有效的商品或服务,生产和进口其他国家可能生产的产品更有效。 在不丹,从不丹向印度出口的主要项目有电(Tala、Chukha和库里丘水电项目),贱金属及其制品、矿物、植物脂肪和油、酒精饮料、化工、水泥、木材和木制品、豆蔻、水果制品、土豆、苹果和橘子,生丝,塑料和橡胶制品的Gyeltshen(1998)。因此,在这种情况下,不丹可以专注于那些具有比较优势成本的产品.。在贸易和商务协议还提供了与第三个国家贸易的不丹商品免税过境。据安德森和轮胎(1991),双边贸易进入和退出点在贸易协议。政府应该鼓励国家出口更多的货物,因为它是源收入.。出口商品和服务给其他国家,有助于提供外汇,有助于引进先进技术,为国家的利益。因此,政府应制定和采取出口促进战略,使之与印度自由贸易的优势。

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The reasons or policy to have trade advantage from India is through export of goods and services. Bhutan should use all tools of export and market promotion, including diplomacy, market studies, market information, branding, advertisements, product launches, trade fairs, expositions and trade missions to assist the private sector to establish markets for their products. Nation branding by leveraging the positive attributes of the country shall be a key instrument harnessed for creating Brand Bhutan in export markets. Exporting more goods and services helps country to generate more income and this income and revenue can be use for the growth and development of the country. The theory of comparative advantage first put forward by David Ricardo in the first part of the nineteenth century demonstrated that countries may boost their production by specializing in those industries for which their opportunity cost is lower than for their competitors. By engaging in international trade, countries may then export those goods or services that they are most efficient in producing and import the items which other countries may produce more efficiently. Incase of Bhutan, the major items of exports from Bhutan to India are electricity (from Tala, Chukha and Kurichhu Hydroelectric Projects), base metals and articles, minerals, vegetable fat and oils, alcoholic beverages, chemicals, cement, timber and wood products, cardamom, fruit products, potatoes, oranges and apples, raw silk, plastic and rubber products Gyeltshen, ( 1998). So in this case Bhutan can specialize on those product which has comparative advantage cost. The Agreement on Trade and Commerce also provides for duty free transit of Bhutanese merchandise for trade with third countries. According to Anderson & Tyers (1991), the entry and exit point for bilateral trade is given in the Trade Agreement. There fore government should encourage country to exports more of goods as it is the source income. Exports of goods and services to other countries, helps in providing foreign currency which help in importing the advanced technologies for the benefits of the country. So royal government should develop and adopt the export promotion strategy to have an advantage of free trade with India.