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阿德莱德代写论文.正如一些研究中所暗示的,个体差异也是心理社会干预的重要因素。Bagley,Dilworth Anderson,刘,天使,Schinke,(1995)检查中的一些健康行为的不同少数民族的方式。他们得出的结论是,在美国不同的群体从事卫生服务的方式有显着差异。这是假设,在家庭单位的重视将提供更好的.一个明显的个体差异是年龄。鲍曼,L. J.,德洛塔,博士,Leventhal,J. M.,Perrin E. C.,巴里,即(1997)回顾了研究儿童的心理干预。他们发现了一个巨大的和广泛的文学,他们批评往往没有提供完整的方法细节。这种方法的科学研究,一些被发现的积极效益。研究发现,促进哮喘患者的知识和自我管理是有效的(伊万斯,克拉克,费尔德曼,1987)。这涉及到培训孩子自我管理,强调家长参与和提高自我效能感。另一个积极的影响,发现孩子已经患上癌症到学校时(卡茨,鲁宾斯坦,休伯特,吹,1988)利用会议与学校人员、课堂演示和沟通技巧培训后续。


As hinted at in some of the studies, individual differences are also going to be important factors in psychosocial interventions. Bagley, Angel, Dilworth-Anderson, Liu, Schinke, (1995) examined some of the ways in which health behaviours differ between ethnic minorities. They concluded that there significant differences in the way different groups in the US engaged with health services. It was hypothesised that a greater emphasis on the familial unit would provide better interventions.
An obvious individual difference is age. Bauman, L. J., Drotar, D., Leventhal, J. M., Perrin E. C., Barry, I. (1997) reviewed the research into psychosocial interventions in children. They found an enormous and wide-ranging literature which they criticised for often not providing full methodological details. Of the studies that were methodologically scientific, several were found that showed positive benefits. Studies that promoted knowledge and self-management in asthma sufferers were found to be effective (Evans, Clark, Feldman, 1987). This involved training children in self-management, stressing parental involvement and improving self-efficacy. Another found positive effects when reintegrating children that had been suffering from cancer into school (Katz, Rubinstein, Hubert, Blew, 1988) using conferences with school personnel, classroom presentations and communication skills follow-up training.

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