2017-06-03 01:21

问卷调查的过程帮助我很好地了解了资优学生对自己天赋需求的看法。我在我的研究工作中使用这项技术来发现天才学生,尤其是正规学校的学生所面临的问题。这项技术使我无法读出天才学生的想法。我采用了“开放式问卷调查”技术来收集资优学生的数据。开放式问卷,使我无法采用的所有主题的研究工作,收集有关的信息,他们的资优做法和他们的反应。在开放式问卷中,有无限的回答和答案的问题,问卷基本上是一个过程,准备充分的规划,得到的数据在回答我们的问题。开放式问卷帮助我们获得的信息或数据没有任何限制。在准备我的调查问卷时,我一直在考虑制定问卷的规则,并在我的研究工作中进行充分的规划。我在我的脑海里一直在设计问卷就像回顾目标和我工作的目标,我的问卷中的问题进行一次又一次的检查,他们可以理解为学生或没有,我的注意力完全集中在隐私问题,学生的回答可能不影响教师和学生的关系,我完全想让问卷尽可能容易和简单(帕特丽夏,Cathy A.,2008,pg.1-2)。我的问卷是完全基于对辅导需要在中间的正规学校系统的沙特阿拉伯,应该让他们用自己的天才的辅导需求提供适当的方式的有天赋的学生的信息,我还注重对资优学生的情感需求更为有效的辅导在沙特阿拉伯大学校。
The process of the questionnaire helped me very much to find out the ideas of the gifted and talented students about their gifted needs. I used this techniques in my research work for finding about the problems facing by the gifted and talented students especially in the regular school. This technique made me unable to read out the thoughts of the gifted students. I adopted the 'open ended questionnaire' technique for gathering the data from the gifted students. The open ended questionnaire made me unable to adopt all of the themes of the research work for making collection of the information relevant to their gifted practices and their responses. In the open ended questionnaire there are unlimited replies and answers for the questions.The questionnaire is basically a process used to be prepared with fully planning for getting the data in replies of our questions. The open ended questionnaire help us to get the information or data without any limitations. While preparing my questionnaire I kept in my mind the rules for making the questionnaire and applied them in my research work with full planning. The things I kept in my mind while designing the questionnaire are just like reviewing the objectives and the goals of my work, the questions of my questionnaire is tested gain and again to check out that they are understandable for the students or not, I completely focused on the privacy issue that the answer of the students could not affect the relationship of the teachers and the students, I fully tried to make questionnaire as easy and simple as possible (Patricia, Cathy A., 2008, pg.1-2). My questionnaire was entirely based on the getting information about the counselling needs of the gifted students in the intermediate regular schools systems of the Saudi Arabia that what should be the proper way to make them supply with their gifted counselling needs, I also focused on the emotional needs of the gifted student for more effective counselling in the big schools of Saudi Arabia.