加拿大代写Assignment 开放系统

2016-12-21 13:11



加拿大代写Assignment 开放系统

However, managers cannot overlook a fact that being open systems also can cause many management problems. In this company, the managers find that along with the changes of the external environment, the previous institution which focuses on how to maintain the relation with the clients is behindhand. This old institution now has become a barrier which hampers the company to maintain a close relation with clients.
In order to solve those management problems, an effective management theory, which is called Neo-institutional theory, is paid more attention to by managers and scholars. Neo-institutional theory mainly focuses on how to help organizations cope with the external change. According to the theory, along with the external environment changes, the institutions of the companies also should be changed to respond the external changes. As we discussed above, the institution of client relation now lose its power to help company maintain a good relation with clients with the changes of external environment. The best way to solve this management problem is to change the institution. Manager should create a new institution based on the new environment.