2017-08-20 18:08

麦考瑞assignment 代写:高质量的教育
The 40% of students who graduated does not recive a quality education and always have fault in education (Segal, 2016). This mean that not all knowledge is acquired by students. For this reason, technology in this time is necessary because it can help with education such as improve the productivity in the classroom or also increse the attention and motivation in the students. However, technology have alredy implemented in enducation in many time ago like calculator, printer, old computers used by teacher. But with throughout years technology have improved and now there are internet, movil technology like ipads or cellphones, virtual classrooms such as Google Classroom. All of this news technological tools are a good way to make homeworks or investigation. Therefore introduce new technology in education for improving teaching like the internet, virtual classroom or Virtual Reality are tools for learning more about the differents subjects that are difficult to understand.Likewise, combine traditional classroom with technology like computer plus board, or us application in cellphone to learn something such as Duolingo that is a video game in cellphone that help yo to learn diferents languages. According to Segal (2016), in 2012 the company of Duolingo implemented this app in schools for that the students can learn with new methods and they see that the students are feeling more motivate and their concentrated was better. Additionally, Virtual Reality can be used in chemestry laboratory of educative institution for see how work an experiment without any risk. It is because this innovative tools permit to work whit interactive way and immerse totally in environment that you are. In conclusion, there are a lot of possibilities to use the technology like element for teach and learn in the classroom.