Marketing Assignment代写:全球化GDP

2016-12-25 15:09




Marketing Assignment代写:全球化GDP

Although globalization is associated with many positive impacts that it brings, the fact is that globalization is not without a darker side. This is particularly true taking into consideration the lesser developed countries of the world where most of the exports are in the raw form or work in process
while the imports are finished goods. In terms of GDP, Argentina could not be included in the developed countries of the world due to the fact that the GDP growth in the country is far low than its neighbor countries. In addition, most of the exports of the country are raw products while the country imports finish goods. Although globalization has been contributing to the national economy of Argentina, the fact is that globalization is also destroying the industrial base of the country. This is due to the fact that after openings its borders to foreign multinationals, the competition in the market has increased many-folds where the Argentina based companies are finding it extremely difficult to effectively compete against multinational companies who not have hands on specialized resources, the fact is that such organization usually enjoy the economies of large scale that are not at the disposal of companies belonging to Argentina that has been resulting in closure of different organization and increase in the unemployment rate of the country.
The way out of the situation could be to form a strategy that could enable the country to halt the current globalization and instead work towards boosting the country industrial base, by adopting macroeconomic policies that encourage investors belonging to Argentina to start its own investment projects. In addition, the country while following the trade hysteria philosophy will be required to promote the efficient utilization of different resources for which efforts should be directed towards the introduction of technologies that have not drastic or negative impact on the environment. By adopting the conservation principles the country could better utilized its vast natural resources and by following the environmental conservation principles the country will ensure that the appropriate environment is guaranteed for the next Argentine generation.
The trade hysteria policy offers the strength that unlike relying on foreign multinationals the country should rely on investors who belongs to the country. In this way, the country will not work towards decreasing the amount of inflation in the country, the strategy will enable the country to better utilize its scarce resources for the benefits of the people living in the country. The strategy will strengthen the country exports and will decrease the imports of the country through self-reliance, resulting in favorable balance of trade and balance of payment. However, the implementation of such strategies will required the desired leadership in the country where efforts could be directed towards influencing investors to starts investment projects in the country for the development of the country, and encouraging consumption of products and services that belongs to Argentina. The government could also accomplish the strategy by offering favorable incentives to investors and guaranteeing them long-term growth in the market.