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安吉拉ardington研究员(2006年)preadolescent女孩看着他,以及如何这关系式的类型的通信accentuates友谊。本研究报告的女孩在美国的ardington“调皮”,这enriches参与者间的关系。介绍ardington playfulness是函数的联盟大厦,这是一manifested在各种类型的相互作用。观察到的参与者进行互动游戏业务的合作。然而,他们也atypically,分别从事看到顽皮的对抗,insulting电话和名字。后者类型的相互作用是不预期的参与者,然而,为重点建设和理解的联盟中每个人的关联方式。interestingly ardington指出,有趣的是,这类型的受试者工作特征(preadolescence对抗甚是看到在儿童和adulthood极少。中国是一ardington中描述的独特的特点之一是由比女性更多的研究是典型的疾病。然而,它的出现,更多的是在可接受的preadolescence侵略性的游戏。
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Researcher, Angela Ardington (2006), observes preadolescent girls’ relational style and how this type of communication accentuates friendship. The girls in this study relate “playfully” as Ardington states, which enriches participants’ relationships. Ardington describes the playfulness to be a function of alliance building, which is manifested in various types of interactions. The participants were observed engaging in cooperative interactive play. Atypically, however, they were also seen engaging in playful confrontation, name-calling and insulting. The latter types of interactions were not expected by the participants, however, were key in building alliances and understanding of each others’ relational styles. Interestingly, Ardington noted that this type of playful confrontation is characteristic of preadolescence and is seen very rarely in childhood and adulthood. Ardington’s research is unique in that the characteristics described by the researchers are more typical of males than females. However, it appears that more aggressive play is acceptable during preadolescence.