2020-01-22 12:28

Professional values from the Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC) as well as St George’s trust values influenced the way in which that I carried out this skill during practice.  The NMC code outlines professional standards that nurses are required to uphold, one example is to “always practice in line with the best available evidence”.[15] This impacted the way that I carried out hand hygiene because I ensured that the technique, decontaminating agent and moments for hand decontamination was carried out in accordance with evidence-based guidelines in St George’s hospital policies and hand washing posters. Another example within the code is to “Be aware of, and reduce as far as possible, any potential for harm associated with your practice”. In order to achieve this, I stuck to the recommended hand hygiene practices regarding the control and prevention of infection. In addition to this, the moments that I carried out hand hygiene acted in accordance with this value as I took “all reasonable personal precautions necessary to avoid any potential health risk to ~ people receiving care”.St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust has set out values in their ‘living our values’ policy which states that all staff members are required to “adhere to the hand hygiene policy”.Furthermore, the hand hygiene policy states that all staff must “ensure effective prevention and control procedures are incorporated into their daily practice”.
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