2017-04-13 01:03

珀斯代写assignment : 印象和看法
The group was asked to comment on their overall impressions and perceptions of what it must be like to be homeless. How they would react or respond to someone they saw in the street. Most young people did not know that the government actually had a responsibility towards them if they are homelessness and could not understand why more efforts were not made to provide help. They viewed homeless people as dirty and smelly, begging on the streets. That they were ‘losers’ and without jobs and money and no hope of having a future or a job. When asked how they came to these conclusions they cited the media the media and what they saw on their own streets of young people not clothed properly or having a dog or sometimes a baby as a companion. Some of them admitted to being intimidated or scared by them if approached for money. And the majority would not consider giving them any money as they felt this might just help them get access to more drugs or alcohol. Predominantly they thought the following outcomes were associated with being homeless – not having anywhere to sleep at night or having any food or clean water to wash themselves in. Having no means of being able to wash your own clothes or buy new clothes.