2017-01-25 06:49

  Julie’s footing format was sometimes an author who had selected the words and sentiments presented and sometimes she was a principal whose beliefs were expressed, position established, and who was committed to what the word say. At first, she just answered this question more footing on the system, the rules, for example, she said ‘the detention network system has broken down and people are now being released into the community and not kept in detention before the background checks’. It was about the system and she was playing a role of principal. According to her answers, the host put out questions, but she didn’t answer that and kept saying ‘I’m getting there’. That showed she didn’t have a good logic in her performance in this show.
      When Tony interrupted her speaking again and again, she was losing face at that time. Tony just kept asking her to answer his question what the behavior protocols were. So Julie tried to maintain her face through arguing with him, by interrupting him too and repeated her own topic again. She maintained calm and elegant and argued with Tony that it was not the audience’s question and what she talked about was answering his questions. And at last, she got her ideas into shape and concluded the discussion well. It got a good reaction as the audience applauded and approved what she said. She didn’t have any special facial expression, and only when she argued, she had some gesture to show her strong will to convince others. She succeeded at last.

美国代写assignment: 朱莉的基础格式有时是作者谁选择的话和情绪提出,有时她是一个主要的信仰表示,立场确立,谁是致力于什么字说。起初,她只是回答了这个问题更多的基础上的制度,规则,例如,她说,拘留网络系统已经崩溃,人们现在被释放到社会,并没有被拘留之前的背景检查。这是关于制度,她扮演的主要作用。根据她的回答,主持人提出了问题,但她没有回答,继续说'我要去那里'。这表明她没有一个很好的逻辑在她的表现在这个节目。